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London, United Kingdom

Yoshikuni and Manuel Kuschnig are an inspiring creative duo behind Aoiro - an olfactory design studio based in Berlin, who we had the pleasure of featuring in Water Journal 4°. Following up their story about capturing the scent of rain, we are thrilled to see an incredible range of products in combination with Hakudo rain, recreating the ritual like moment of air being charged with a spirit of rain. Featured here is a ceramic Matcha-Wan candle in collaboration with Takemura Yoshinori, dipped in Mangan glaze, wrapped in traditional Ukon cloth and packaged in a handcrafted Kiribako box. I kindly invite you to explore more of Aoiro’s creations here.


“The experience of pouring rain is exceptionally intense inside a timeworn Japanese house. Its vigorous rhythm and severe sound make one become part of it. You can literally feel the water pounding on you without getting wet. This moment offers almost a meditative quality resulting in an intense silence within your mind, which almost suspends the passage of time.”

An excerpt from ‘Ritual of rain’ by Yoshikuni and Manuel Kuschnig from Aoiro featured in Water Journal 4°


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