edvinas bruzas francis gallery


Art, Tea, Interior Design
London, United Kingdom

Francis gallery is founded on the principle that a fluid and open interaction with beauty can facilitate our search for calm and inner space. In the collection, rounded, organic forms are charged with a sense of peace; the essential beauty of nature and the human body are captured in jesmonite, resin, and baked clay; lines are drawn in timeless hues mixed from water and earth, crushed botanicals, and pulverised stone; a world in flux is captured in moments of light and darkness.

Inaugural show exhibited the works of Mari-Ruth Oda, Spencer Fung and Kim Sang In.


For the opening exhibition, Francis partnered with Tea Collective on a custom tea for the gallery: Hyunmi-Cha (brown rice tea) and hosted a very welcoming presentation.


Art, TeaEdvinas Bruzas