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Interior Design
Wellington, New Zealand

Two large windows frame the minimal yet generous Kowtow Clothing space, providing every passerby an open and transparent view of the store’s day to day life. The flagship store was created with an emphasis on natural and locally sourced materials: sustainably grown, harvested and milled eucalyptus, finished by hand with an non-toxic, eco friendly oil; display units made from post industrial recycled wood chips, handmade ceramic tiles by local artist, Gidon Bing; floor rugs made from salvaged and recycled synthetics, including fishing nets recovered from the ocean; modular sofas designed by Simon James and upholstered with renewable and compostable fibres as well as linen curtains that have been sustainably grown, harvested and processed using the environmentally friendly dew-retting method.


“The store opening is an opportunity to bring the Kowtow ethos into a physical space. The only option for us was to engage interior designer and architect, Rufus Knight who was excited to work with us, as sustainability and traceability is core to what we do and he wanted to execute that in the design. Every detail was considered - from the recycled nylon rugs to the New Zealand grown and milled timber“

– Gosia Piatek, Founder & Creative Director.