Water Journal 3°

Creative & Art Direction, Design, Curation

From salt pools of the sacred valley in Peru to hidden caves in the quiet town of Sintra and a trip across the driest desert in the world, you are invited to explore captivating stories from all around the globe. Volume 3° features a contemplation of the delicate structure of seaweed, the process of creating Spirulina paintings, ceremonial practise of Spirit Medicine and many more stories by talented contributors who made it come to life: waterjournal.co

Cover photography: Jonas Jungblut

Cover photography: Jonas Jungblut



The story

Water Journal is a bi-annual publication exploring the beauty and complexity of all things water and life. Dedicated to the experience and cultural significance of water, it exists to tell honest stories, whether it's of a personal matter or on a global scale.


Bamboo Diaries

An excerpt by Jonas Jungblut from a 30-page literary supplement included in Volume 3°

"An old lady is sorting poles outside and she gives me an intriguing look. It’s pretty quiet except for the occasional car, bike or truck zooming by on the road. There is bamboo everywhere. I mean forests of it in every direction. We sure left the chaos and noise of the city behind which feels really good even though it is very cold."

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