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In a place where conversations regarding homosexuality are often muted, we were determined to understand the reasons behind it and to hear the voices of those who deal with it from day to day.



Though it was very intriguing to get to know people from various backgrounds and listen to their stories, it was rather unsettling to see the harsh reality the LGBT community faces. In fact, our approach was too daring for many due to a possibility of being exposed in a society that strongly holds a negative attitude towards them.



Those who were willing to participate in the project treated us with kindness and gave an insight into a scene that only a native of Seoul would be able to. We were introduced to a variety subcultures that mainly gather in venues on Homo Hill and Hooker Hill, situated in the heart of Itaewon - a clubbing district and a popular gay area where residents of Seoul, tourists, and U.S. military personnels coexist.




It was thrilling to push boundaries, defy conservative mindsets, open up conversations about homosexuality and finally to share our visual story with the rest of the world



Unlocking Seoul


Limited edition of 250

140 x 180mm
90 pages, perfect-bound
Cover: 300gsm, b&w, silk, soft touch laminated
Inside: 120gsm, full colour, uncoated
Published & printed in London, UK

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